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+ 2014-08-29
Site for dealer Description and Installation

+ 2014-08-18
Add new api for get Queue - suports (html, php, c#, and more)

+ 2014-08-08
Add new log type - "Norm" this type replace old "Slow".
Now - Slow: 12-30 hours, Norm: 0-12 hours, Fast: up to 2 hours
If you use API add this type.
If you don't want use new [Slow] or don't have a time for change your API you can
check "[v]: Use Slow as Norm" in API section and all files which load on API with "Slow" priority - will be load with "Norm" priority.

Fast service for calculating SHA codes.

Supported all available nokia SL3 phones (included infineon and broadcom).

Unlock Nokia

Calculation time for
Slow: 12-30 hours, Norm: 0-12 hours, Fast: up to 2 hours
Standart price for Slow = $4.80, Normal=$5.20, Fast=$6.20
if your total amount more:
$300: price for Slow = $4.50, Norm=$4.90, Fast=$6.00
$600: price for Slow = $4.20, Norm=$4.70, Fast=$5.90
$1000: price for Slow = $4.00, Norm=$4.40, Fast=$5.70
$2000: price for Slow = $3.90, Norm=$4.20, Fast=$5.50
1. Register your e-mail. Password must contain at least 8 characters.
2. Use the automatic recharge system to recharge funds in your account (Button "Recharge,$" in the "CREDITS")
3. Log into your account and check the availability amount.
4. Use the upload interface to upload the log file for the calculation (UPLOAD LOG FILE).
Compatible with any log files of all known software (.sha, .log, .bat, .fnx, .bcl).
5. After some time check information about the status of your uploaded log files (MONITOR).
6. Your NCK-codes will send to your e-mail and Additional e-mail automatically.

Please check your phone for the 20-digit code.
If the phone has a 20-digit code, the code will not found, and the money will be not refund.
Also, do not upload to calculation logs from phone operator Mexico-Telcel
PROFILE_BITS: B000000000000000
BLOCK1: 1 = CLOSED (MCCMNC), DATA = 334020 [Mexico-Telcel]
ICQ: 227079017
skype: yandruch
sonork: 100.94844